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It can be difficult to press legal charges on a pharmaceutical company.

The website of law firm Crowe & Mulvey have said that some people can be intimidated by the prospect alone and the process that follows. However, it is the responsibility of these companies to provide products and drugs that are safe for mass consumption. After all, since they are in the business of caring of people’s health issues, this should be a standard issue. However, slip ups will occur from time to time – and when they do, the proper parties should be held accountable for any accidents or injuries caused.

Such is the case of Risperdal, a drug that is designed to use to treat patients with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and some aggression or irritation that can be found in some people with autism. However, other usage of this drug can have other side effects, particularly on adolescent young men.

This drug can have the side effect called gynecomastia, or the enlargement of male breasts due to the increased estrogen levels that the drug can affect. Though it is not life threatening, there are some young men who might feel embarrassed due to this circumstance. Some of the other effects it could have are, unfortunately, more dangerous and more life-threatening than just simple embarrassment. Other side effects can include diabetes, sexual dysfunction, pituitary tumors, suicidal tendencies, et cetera.

It can be difficult to hold Johnson & Johnson, the manufacturers of Risperdal, accountable for these side effects. However, the website of the Risperdal lawyers at Williams Kherker will encourage for you to pursue legal action in order to receive compensation for side effects that cause more medical complications with the patient as well as punitive charges for the damage done onto the victim’s psyche and person. So long as you can find a proper Personal Injury lawyer with whom you can trust to handle your case well, the process should allow for you to find some peace and solace after this difficult ordeal.

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